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You have two major options

Le 12 décembre 2017, 03:25 dans Humeurs 0

A beautiful, colorful hammock in your backyard or patio is a great way to relax and unwind. Now you see that you can hang your hammock anywhere you want, even if there are no suitable trees. What kind of hammock do you have? Does it have spreader bars at the ends or not? It is important to realize that a hammock stand designed for a hammock with spreader bars is not suitable for a hammock without them. Steel stands are usually painted but, eventually, some paint could chip off and the stand will rust. Most sites that sell stands for hammocks indicate whether the stand is for a hammock with spreader bars or not, but if it is not clearly marked, ask the retailer before making your final choice. Stainless steel stands are more expensive, but they are really a better option. Wood stands have to disadvantages, though. . You can usually get stands made of steel or stainless steel.


You have two major options - wood hammock stands and metal stands. Posts are usually made from stainless steel. This way the wood keeps its beautiful color. You can find wood stands for hammocks with spreader bars, as well for ones without the bars. The reason is simple - hammocks with spreader bars are flatter and usually hang much closer to the ground than the traditional kind. Most metal stands are designed for hammocks with spreader bars. They are also very easy to put together, whenever you want to get some hammock time, and pull apart, whenever your hammock is not in use. They cost much less than a full stand and also look less intrusive. But what if you have no suitable trees to hang it from? No big deal: you can grab bars always buy a hammock stand. Hang one end of your hammock on the tree and get a hammock post for the other end. Metal hammock stands is an easy and affordable solution. The most popular type of wooden stand is the Roman Arc hammock stand, made from cypress wood. Find out what your choices are, and how to select the best hammock stand for your place. It is also the safest and most stable design.


They require some maintenance - it is recommended to treat your wood stand once a year with water repellant. Stainless steel hammock stands will not rust and look like new for many year. They might be not as decorative as wooden ones, but metal stands are durable, light-weight and don't require much maintenance. Second, large wood stands are not portable because they are heavy. First, they are more expensive than the metal ones. If you have one tree in the araa where you want to hang your hammock, there is no need for a stand. Wood hammock stands add a touch of elegance to your yard or patio design. Hammock stands really make life easier, and they don't cost a fortune if you order your stand online with a discount. How to hang a hammock with only one tree

Rhodes presents everything for the entire family

Le 23 novembre 2017, 03:11 dans Humeurs 0

Rhodes presents everything for the entire family - from restaurant to hotels, clubs to bars, malls and everything you want during the holidays. The beautiful river Pelekanos also runs through this lush green valley. Moreover you can enjoy sitting or climbing the stone steps. One can also drive to the nearby area of Petaloudes where the beautiful Kalimorfa Butterflies are found.Spending Rhodes holidays in a family trip is definitely a great thought. There are different kinds of butterflies found here but the most common one is the species of Quadripunctaria Poda from the Panaxia genus Because of the high humidity in the valley, the butterflies come here to reproduce. The Beautiful Scenery: There are many small trails and paths in the valley.


Bars and Resorts: There are numerous little bars and eating places in the valley. The overall temperature of the valley is cool and is visited by the guests during summers. A tree with amazing fragrance named as Ygramvari is also in the valley, which attract not only people, but also the butterflies. It is located in the south of Theologos village on Rhodes Island, about a kilometer distance away from Paradisi and about 26 kilometers away from the Rhodes Town. So you can enjoy eating food, snacks and drink. There is a nearby river and some waterfalls. . In the recent years the number of butterflies has been affected greatly because of unchecked tourism. You can visit a small monastery in the area of panagia kalopetra. The butterflies: The valley is usually full of butterflies in autumn and spring seasons. grab bars Among all of them, valley of the butterflies will make your Rhodes holidays ideas wonderful. The Valley of the Butterflies: The Valley of the Butterflies found in the west of the island is one of the most famous attractions in Rhodes. Rhodes is filled with many stunning and gorgeous places. In the valley, there are various small bridges which are made up of wood. Yearly, thousands of people visit this place during every season.


You can take pleasure of a dreamy dinner nearby waterfall. People from different areas of the world visit the valley during their Rhodes Holidays. The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique natural park where thousands of multi colored butterflies appears from Jun to Sep each year. This place is very famous all around the globe because of the beauty and attractive sites it offers to its visitors and guests. The valley is given its name because of its unique reserve of butterflies. This valley is attractive and quiet, so people come here for having relaxations during the Rhodes holidays. There are a number of bars near the waterfall too. Even whistling and clapping is prohibited in some areas to avoid disturbing the butterflies. It is a beautiful valley full of greenery and natural beauty. Therefore, several measures have been taken to limit the tourist activity here. Such a large number of butterflies have made this place famous and tourists usually spend whole day seeing the Valley of the Butterflies during their Rhodes Holidays. The tall trees make the area completely shaded

For us sax players these flat notes are perfect

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If you're a saxophonist interested in playing any type of blues based music including rock and roll and even jazz then you need to use the blues scale as your number one tool to make things sound right. The 11th and 12th bars change back to the 1 chord (C). (Please look at the example on my website for the full musical notation). The 7th and 8th bars change back to the 1 chord (C). The blues do have musical influences from Europe and Africa but it is truly an American musical form and tradition fully rooted in the black experience of the post-war southern United States. . In conclusion The blues mean different things to many people ranging from musical styles to a way of life or philosophy. For example, over the F chord play an F or an A note to emphasize the harmonic color of the chord a little more.


For us sax players these flat notes are perfect to incorporate a "growl" sound to further emphasize that "bluesy" expression or make it a bit more nasty. Adding the D, E natural and A give us more musical possibilities and will not change the basic sound of the blues scale. Handy, who was a black composer active in the early 1900's when the blues form began towel rack to get popularized in large part because of his instrumental compositions "Memphis Blues" (1912) and "St. (for some audio examples please refer to the website version of this article). We're in the key of C so the first 4 bars will be the C chord. Two other things to notice; the 3rd and 5th can be played as a flat or not but the 7th generally is only played as a flat and not the major 7th in this type of scale or musical genre.C. You have to apply it and in any blues music this is done over a musical progression thats 12 measures in length, thus the term "12 bar blues".


Of coarse the blues oral tradition can be traced back to the mid 1800's. So now our basic major scale of 8 notes is now a blues scale of 10 notes. A little history If you want to investigate back to the beginnings of the blues as it came about in America just start with W. There are variations in this 12 bar pattern and can be seen on the website version of this article. When starting out you can get away with just playing the same C blues scale over the entire progression but try to emphasize 1 or 2 of the notes in the F and G chord to make things a little more interesting. The 9th and 10th bars change to the 5 chord, which is G. The simplest way to explain it's theory is this: Simply take the traditional major scale; C D E F G A B C and flatten the 3rd, 5th, and 7th. Now it looks like this: C D Eb E F Gb G A Bb C. Notice the E, G, and B have been flattened, they are the 3rd, 5th and 7th notes of the C major scale and flattening them makes the scale sound minor thus giving it the "blues" or sad sound as opposed to the "major" or happy sound. Louis Blues" (1914). The blues progression Of coarse this is all just words and notes and theory. There are other variations to this blues scale; the basic version for example is a 7 note scale: C Eb F F# G Bb C (the F# being the same as the Gb). The 5th and 6th bars change to the 4 chord which is F (4th note in the C scale). The blues scale Because our western music has it's roots in European classical music the music theorists needed to notate the blues scale as it was naturally played and sung into an understandable notation which could be analyzed and played by western trained musicians.


I want to be clear that when I talk about the blues or the blues scale I'm not only referring to this type of musical tradition and style but include funk, R&B, country, jazz and pop. Even adding a flat 9th ( D flat) was a favorite thing Charlie Parker did a lot and is a good way to jazz up your phrases. Like the old saying goes; The blues had a baby and they names it rock & roll and from there came just about every form of pop music in western history since that explosive time in the mid 1900's And so, I think it's safe to say that the blues scale is easily one of the most used and important scales for all types of western popular music

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